UV-Air flow recirculator Fablox FX1

Eliminated viruses, bacteria and mold

Fablox FX1

#Virus buster

Safe for you, and making you safer by ruthlessly destroying viruses!

#New dimension of disinfection

New reality, new dimension of disinfection

#Viruses don’t stand a chance

An effective defence against viruses

Our mission
is to fight the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

Our goal and mission is to create solutions that will allow everyone to work comfortably and safely in a public environment. Thanks to cooperation with scientists from the Institute of Materials Research and Quantum Engineering, the Division of Vibroacoustics and Diagnostics of Systems of Poznan University of Technology, we have developed an innovative bactericidal air recirculator using ultraviolet radiation. This device was designed primarily as a way to combat the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.
Where can Fablox X1 be used?

The UV radiation only affects the air passing through the device. Thus, UV radiation poses no danger to people in the room where the sterilizer is located. As a result, it is successfully used in places where a large number of people gather. For example, hospitals, pharmacies, schools, nurseries, kindergartens, hotels, shops, restaurants, banks, etc.

In cooperation with scientists, an innovative device was created, which was submitted for patent protection, characterized by very high efficiency in relation to the power of the UVC light source. The efficiency that has been achieved is several times higher compared to devices available on the market. The dose of UVC radiation of 300J/m2 is sufficient to eliminate most bacteria and coronaviruses, including SARSCoV-2.


Dimensions: 340x350x1500mm (podstawa/base 600x600mm)
Power: 52W
Operating voltage: 230V
Emitter UV-C: 2x36W
Emitter useful lifetime: 9000h
Fan capacity: 340m3/h
Lamp range of operation: do 50m2
Disinfection capability: do 340m3
Operating hours counter UVC  
IP rating -  IP20  

Principle of operation

The device works by emitting UV-C radiation that is absorbed by nucleic acids of proteins of microorganisms, which damages the structure of their genetic material, preventing reproduction.

The device uses special reflectors with a design that significantly extends the air flow path, thanks to which a very high efficiency of air sterilization has been achieved.


Key features:

- UV-Air flow recirculator of the enclosed type: users can stay in the room during air cleaning

- UV-C wavelength: 253.7 nm

- 2x Philips TUV UV-C lamps with a total power of 72W

- Lamp useful lifetime: 9000 hours- fan capacity 344 m3 / hour

- Fan capacity: 344 m3 / hour

- Dust filter

- Operating hours counter

- Recommended room area: 150m3

- Operating voltage: 230 V

- IP rating: IP20

- Weight: 27 kg

- Device dimensions: 52x52x150cm

Comparative graphs for devices from other manufacturers with a UV source of 72W power

Fablox FX1